PHN Explores: FDA issues emergency-use authorization for remdesivir to treat hospitalized patients with severe Covid-19 (From CNN Health)

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FDA authorizes first drug to treat severely ill Covid-19 patients

Why You Should Care

This is the first drug that, in a large NIH-sponsored study, modestly reduced the length of hospitalization for severely ill patients. Unfortunately, the drug has not yet been proven to lower the death rate from Covid-19.


What's New(s)

Until a few days ago, there was no drug treatment for Covid-19. That changed rapidly following Dr. Anthony Fauci’s April 29 announcement at the White House that the drug, Remdesivir, had been studied in more than 1000 Covid-19 patients. The results showed that, on average, hospitalization time among severely ill patients dropped from roughly 15 to 11 days.

Within 48 hours the FDA signed on, issuing an “emergency authorization” for the drug’s use, but only in patients with severe Covid-19 infections.

It’s important to note that experts do not consider Remdesivir a cure; more likely it’s the first step in a possible multiple-drug approach for combatting coronavirus.


Story Source

CNN Health, May 1, 2020, by Arman Azad and Nicole ChavezSee the story


Story Expert

FDA chief scientist, Rear Admiral Denise Hinton

Bonus Biscuit

The NY Times’ Gina Kolata just wrote a fascinating piece on Remdesivir, an antiviral drug with little to no previous success against other viruses and illnesses. How Remdesivir, New Hope for Covid-19 Patients, Was Resurrected

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